We design and build robust data intelligence systems tailored to your needs and budget. With more than 15 years of experience engineering systems for clients like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the BlueCross BlueShield Association, and DuPont, we have the know-how and experience to create robust systems with the right balance of features, security, and reliability



Transform messy data into clear, actionable insights. Our analytics team cleans and analyzes your data to identify ways to save money, improve product quality, optimize operations, and accomplish other mission-critical objectives. Through analytics, dashboards, and visualization, we help you discover possibilities that are truly astounding. By delivering actionable insights, we enhance how you do business.



Making data-driven decisions shouldn’t be the hardest part of doing business. Our team of experienced management consultants translates analytical insights into practical action plans that fit your culture, values, needs, and strategic objectives. We believe data systems and insights can only be transformative if they inform your decision-making processes, which is why we help implement best practices to make informed decisions truly sustainable.


Transform your business through smart, clear analytics and data science. Convert messy data into actionable business insights. And leverage our experience in data systems, analytics, and management consulting to create affordable data solutions that fit your company’s most pressing needs.




Our team is passionate about building systems that are intuitive and powerful, and giving users distilled, actionable information to make informed decisions. We leverage technology, business intelligence, and best-in-class management consulting to help companies streamline and optimize their businesses.


We are a team of talented entrepreneurs, software engineers, data scientists, and strategists. Our team’s collective experience includes decades in R&D, technology, business management, product development, analytics, strategy and more. Our experience spans industries including aerospace, insurance, healthcare, transportation, construction, energy, manufacturing, retail, banking and government.


We use open-source and best-in-class technologies to build smart, affordable solutions. This gives us the flexibility to deliver customized systems to meet your specific needs. Often, our solutions are cloud-based, so infrastructure requirements are minimal and the resulting systems scale with ease. Check out Safety Slate for an example of our work.


We work with a number of technologies including Java, R, AngularJS, ReactJS, mobile development, and both SQL and NoSQL datastores. And when it makes sense, we leverage out-of-the-box business intelligence systems such as Tableau for rapid prototyping and stop-gap analysis. We provide all the critical data services such as data modeling, security implementation, cloud-computing, application architecture and user experience engineering.

Our engineers will help you pick a technology that is right for you. Our analysts will help focus your attention on the stories and insights hidden in your data. And our consultants will help you use Kiona technology to integrate these insights into your daily operations and decision-making processes.

Senior Technology Advisor
Data Scientist
Founder & President

Nathan has a passion for transforming businesses. He has more than fifteen years of experience in analytics, business strategy, and technology entrepreneurship. Previously, he led award-winning technology teams at DuPont and BlueCross BlueShield, taking enterprise systems from concept to implementation. Nathan founded Kiona with the guiding principles of inclusiveness and excellence, and aims to create the best business intelligence solutions on the market.

Hoke is a seasoned technology leader with nearly two decades of experience in developing large-scale web and data systems. Over his career, he has overseen the design, development and adoption of major analytic web applications used in a variety of industries for medical research, oil exploration, insurance fraud detection, emergency management, and research safety.

Colleen is a former math teacher with a Master's in Applied Statistics. While she is new to the business world, she has always had a passion for mathematical problem solving, analysis, and statistics. Colleen loves using logical reasoning to help figure out ways to make data understandable and usable to solve problems and make decisions.

Data Scientist
Data Scientist
System Architect

Scott has been tinkering with computer since he was 11 years old. Now seasoned professionally for more than 25 years, Scott brings depth and experience with him. Scott thrives on working on projects that involve thinking out of the box and creating cost efficient engineered solutions that make customers happy.

As an analyst, Richard has a passion for data visualization and communication. He enjoys working with others to translate data into clear value propositions for the business. Richard loves building relationships with his business partners that inspires trust in the solutions he designs. Richard has experience working in healthcare, telecom, energy and logistics. He has an MBA with an emphasis in Business Analytics and a BS in Economics.

Katya is a former journalist with background in applied linguistics and a degree in Computational Sciences. Katya is passionate about using data, math, and programming languages to mine and discover new insights from natural languages.



Tel: 872.225.2502​
332 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 1032
Chicago, IL 60604​

Tel: 872.225.2502

332 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 1032 

Chicago, IL 60604

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